Melrakki Cotons

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Our motto: ást ok ánægja - Love and Pleasure

Members of Kennel Club Assured Breeders Scheme


Why Melrakki?


We wanted something that reflected one of the main characteristics of the breed, that was unique and, hopefully easy to remember.


So, where does the name Melrakki come from?


Having spent a number of hours researching and dismissing a wide variety of names we decided to play about with the Old Norse language (as you do). Having found a suitable translation site we firstly entered the term ‘White Dog’ and, surprise, surprise, it came up with nothing. So we broke up the words and entered 'White' which translated as ‘melrakki’ and 'Dog' which translated as ‘rakki’.


From there we used poetic licence and chose the word Melrakki to mean White Dog which is, of course, what the Coton breed is - a predominately white coated animal.


The kennel name Melrakki was approved for use by The Kennel Club on 21st January 2010.


Melrakki Coton’s Motto


We also decided to select a motto which sums up what it means to own a Coton de Tuléar. We found another site that contained a number of Old Norse phrases and selected what we consider to be a suitable motto for Melrakki Coton’s (but please do not every ask us to pronounce it!):


ást ok ánægja


Which translates as: Love and Pleasure


Love – for the unconditional love and affection that you get from a Coton.


Pleasure – for the hours and hours of pleasure that you will get from just having these lovely animals in your life.