Melrakki Cotons

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Our motto: ást ok ánægja - Love and Pleasure

Members of Kennel Club Assured Breeders Scheme


We are Corrine and Colin Hanson-New and we live in Cannock, Staffordshire with our Coton's Jarvis and Clio plus our two cats; Charlie and Felix .


Our interest in the Coton breed began in 2009 when we found ourselves in the position of being able to think about having a dog.


We began the search by investigating breeds that are suitable for Asthma suffers as only limited contact to most dogs can cause Colin to have an attack.


We used the Kennel Club of Great Britain web site to find a list of hypoallergenic breeds which is where we came across the Coton de Tuléar. To be honest the first time we saw a photo of the breed we wanted one. Using the Kennel Club Accredited Breeder section we found an accredited breeder who had puppies available.


We contacted Helen and Richard (Bud) Baxter of Wyldewyche Cotons whose dam (Coral) had just had a litter of pups a few days earlier. From our very first telephone call, we could not have found a better Coton breeder. It was clear from the start that they both love their animals tremendously and were going to be very particular who they sold their ‘babies’ too.


We explained the reasons why we were looking at the Coton breed which is when Helen and Bud suggested that they brought one of their dogs to see us so that Colin could check whether the Coton breed would trigger his asthma in our own home environment. This was particlulary thoughtful and useful. After 2.5 hrs of not only testing questions from Helen and Bud but also non-reaction from Colin, we finally got the nod that we could have one of their 'babies'. Boy, were we glad!


It was always our plan to add another Coton to our collection when the time was right and we had no hesitation in returning to the Wyldewyche kennel for our other Coton 'Clio' who you can learn more about under her own section of this website.


Since then, we have sucessfully bred Jarvis and Clio. Clio had three puppies and we decided to add two of them to our growing band (Brodie and Emma) with the third pup, Parlez, moving to a wonderful new home where he is loved and cared for.

J&C C1 Clio C2 Jarvis C2 Brodie Emma 6